Products and services

1. Constructionof sgRNA-Cas9 Expression Vector.

2. sgRNA Library Design and Synthesis.

3. shRNA and CRISPR Library Construction.

4. CRISPR Custom Targeted Lentiviral sgRNA Library.

5. Lentivirus Packaging Service.

Company: Umibio Co. Ltd, China



The BiooTools (Biological Online Tools) website is devoted to provide services to assist researchers in study analysis of NGS sequencing, and design CRISPR sgRNA,  primer pairs for detecting small ncRNA expression, etc. To accomplish these goals, we have developed some softwares that it might be useful, such as sgRNAcas9, CRISPR-offinder, CRISPR-helper, CRISPRamplicon, CRISPR-lib, and sRNAPrimerDB, and would like to release it under an open source. We also provide analysis and technical support to other molecular researchers. WELCOME TO COOPERATION!