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If you use this program in your research, please cite:

Xie et al., sgRNAcas9: a software package for designing CRISPR sgRNA and evaluating potential off-target cleavagesites.PloS one, 2014 (Link to the article)


In July, 2015, the sgRNAcas9(GUI) software v2.0,developed independently by the Huazhong Agricultural University, was certified by china state bureau of copyrights (No. 2015SR170234).

sgRNAcas9 sgRNA design source code free for academic, nonprofit, and personal use.

If you use this program in your research, please cite:

Zhao et al., Development of a graphical user interface for sgRNAcas9 and its  application. HEREDITAS(Beijing), 2015, 37(10): 1061-1072. (Link to the article)

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